The 3D Quantum Graphic Generator Method - #3DQGGM
AAvfx's collection of wood textures & harmonies by the condensed geometry, the '3D QGGM'  comes to explain the audience the complexity and possibilities of mapping 3D Models or generating
texture maps from an algorithm alone to be used for the favor of future 3D modeling software.
In order to understand how a precise texture of a wood can be achieved by geometry comes the next video to simplify the method of wood texture look-alike models, showing the polygons by color differentiation, from less condensed models to higher ones, by the overall space and rings' number and position.

The scientific known method for achieving  these images is known
as the moiré effect  added wih an inside look of a 3D geometric form
that is filled with layers on layers of condensed patterns.
'3D QGGM' Spectrum Model X-Slice Scan
What is so unique with the discovery of the '3D QGGM'?
The following examples were created from polygons that are using a fractal method over 3D models,with a crucial difference between the '3D QGGM' technique and an ordinary 3D mapping technique. 

These 3D models can actually be cut into two parts to discover that the texture that can be seen outside the model lies inside as well in a way a material in nature will be seen if cut to slices.
Depending on the shape of the model and polygon's strength, the harmonies are applied automatically by the density of the gaphical matter, and can also shift as it moves in 3D space,
as shown in this video.
'3D QGGM' Tree Rings Look-Alike Texture, From "Core Exploration" Facebook Album
The possibilites using a the 3D QGGM for texture creation are limtless and can produce varied results.
These textures are slices of the wood look-alike texutres- an inner view of the '3D QGGM' condenesed models:
The possibilities that are available by the discovery of the '3D QGGM' are endless,
and wood harmonies are just a small portion of the big picture.

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