'The Quantum Effect' is an Upcoming documentary release on a chaotic particle research by AAvfx, showing the connection between the Chaos theory and Quantum mechanics.

The research took years to evolve and shows an amazing discovery on our world - a single graphical way to design all forms of nature including organic forms, fruits, flowers, living forms and even ordinary human made creations up to futuristic machines by an advanced engineered crafting method that is based on a unified chaotic solution, which can also be refered to as a 'Singularity'- a one ultimate way to form an entire universe from mathematics using a single notion.
Not 3D Face Models, but 3D Fractal Triangulations
These next lines will be very strange to you, because I'm not a known researcher or a scientist and that is why I will  need you help-
to raise money enough to gather scientists, mathematicians, physicists,  so they could validate and publish this nonprofit research to the world. 

Why is it so important? What I've found on this research besides
cool animations? Up until today I've extracted from this enclosed mathematical environment, thousands of overwhelming objects that corresponds with our world of nature,  man made products and even
​​​​​​​a world of futuristic engineering-  in such a scale that can't be refuted, forming an entire 3D graphical universe out of nothing but chaotic manipulations: Endless formations of Plants, Fruits, Trees, Insects,  Animals, Faces, internal organs, Humanoids, Moons, Space, Stars, universe models, Suns,  textures, natural materials, natural phenomenons, futuristic vessels, missiles and even spaceships.

 All are real-life look-alike fractal structures that has 100% match in image worldwide search engine  to the original element in real life, and are recognized as photographed pictures, and not computer made fractals. I have to form a group of scientists to evaluate the findings, to further explore the method, to validate it, to publish the research. 

The fee of these actions is high, but will enable me bring the world a professional scientific documented research that will become a true answer of explaining nature on all its' aspects, understanding evolution phases, the universe and to be able to look to a future unknown to us, harnessing a secret knowledge to the benefit of our collective future.

All this adventure will be recorded by cameraman, will be documented, filmed, and will be edited to a full length documentary film I will upload free to the net,that will be known as, "The Quantum Effect". 

My goal is to publish it on Youtube in the future , with the help of
your donations. Help me show the world a better collective future,
that could open a new chapter to the next generation.

3D Fractal Frequency Triangulations, AKA "3D QGGM" of real life look-alike formations - These are NOT 3D Models,
but 3D Fractal Triangulations made out of sacred geometry - 
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