1000+ 3D Graphical Designs for Purchase
One of the projects of AA VFX's creator, has been creating rendered images for commercial use on the popular stock photos website, for easy licensing for any project according to Shutterstock terms.

The wide range of rendered generated images are a part of AA VFX's particle research called: '3D QGGM', which is exploring the vast possibilities in the world of geometry combined with particle applications.

The large variety of the images is based on a the special and unique geometric method, Amitai Angor,has established for generating artistic pictures that are based on the world of 3D animation.  
The Shutterstock gallery of AA VFX represents a small portion of the whole research, as the technique can be used to generate endless amount of geometric surreal and modern art rendered illustrations from an automated system, that requires a little Intervention from the user.
More on the Image Project
The main goal of #AAvfx is to upload high quality files to Shutterstock for users' pleasure, ranging from 4K to 8K images up to 8000x8000 pixels and to share his vision as never before seen, to present complex generated illustrations in their original output and best visibility.

Every illustration was created by one function along based on a 3D geometric method that combines a fractal element in one string to achieve a final image- There isn't any further design, nor any additional manipulation to the state of the photo, besides anti-aliasing for smoothing the edges, as the method is based on a plotter technique that must be rasterized.

​​​​​​​ AA VFX is excited to share this object with you, for you to examine the findings more closely, to see how they are made, to explore the geometry particle world in a new and fresh approach.
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