The 3D Quantum Graphic Generator Method - #3DQGGM
X-ray look-alike geometric seashells '3D QGGM' models.

Nowadays, computer algorithm can generate a world terrain, a valley, a river with just clicking and changing variables to come up with a realistic convincing look of nature, like: World Creator software.

The following 3D models were created by the same notion, more advanced, by searching the correct ratios and order inside an enclosed condensed polygon structure. 

The process of finding the right formation to its' final form had lead AAvfx to find the way into the world of perfect geometry that have no boundaries, no limits in visualization, in possibilities, and can produce unexpected results only by changing the variables  of the valley, if you will, but instead of a valley or landscape - what you get and can achieve is much more fascinating then ever before imagined - and have profound insight on our reality.

With the knowledge I'm acquiring at this moment by the triangulation process, all the unexpected,  as we see it now, will be mapped to one unlimited chart of numeric ratios that will be stored and used to understand all forms of creation, from nature to a single supreme 3D design tool.

Below you can see final triangulations of what appears to be seashells in all kind of forms and sizes, like never before acquired without the means of actual 3D modeling, but instead - an encoded process of getting a fix onto the correct frequency and modulation of computer particles.
3D triangulated seashells models
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