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On-Demand Order - 4K & 8K Motion Backgrounds
'AA VFX's animations are sitting on YouTube's server and are compressed in low video format, usually not in their best quality, because of Google's recompression method.​​​​ A much higher quality & compression in 4K & 8K can be ordered. YouTube small users like these can use AA VFX's animations for full monetization under the 'Fair Use' description as long as you add an AA VFX's Hyperlink + credit attached to your work. More Info HERE. Lately policies of 'Article 13' requires users around the world to use
only unique and original content to be uploaded to the net.

Full commercial use for organizations or other businesses will require
a unique file rendering in order to use it online to avoid any copyright violation by your side. Production companies are obligated to order re-rendered animations and not to re-publish any animation from the online showcase shown on AA VFX's YouTube Channel.
 Why 'AA-VFX' it better than other online motion background providers ? #Safety

The most problematic issue on pre-made stocks around the world that offers motion backgrounds, effects, animation etc for purchase is that anyone can use them after purchasing and activate an 'ID content system' bot over it in the net, even large content creators. In this case many
Issues surface for other users that bought the same content from that specific motion background provider. Lots of users around the world are
Reporting blocked content over their clips, without understating that the main problem to this is simple: Duplicated copyrighted material.
With the 'Unique Content Creation' process you'll get a tailored clip with a file signature that will be exclusive for your commercial use.


By ordering via the 'Video on Demand' professional contact form you're not committing to pay, but only to get a price quote for your request.
The work process for each costumer is carefully handled, Tailored for your specific use. Your order will be reviewed by AAvfx.
Together you'll reach a conclusion on what is best for your project. Usually, many orders are done in high-quality Mp4 format via Adobe's tools for recompression. Your animations will be re-made based on what you've selected, and will be modified to have a unique file signature so you could
use the animation online with full safety for your needs, without any ID content copyright issues.
Usually the parameters in the animation projects are slightly changed, like particle order or distributions of stars, fractal values and more.
The product seems the same to the viewer, but any ID copyrighted automatic system will consider it as 100% original unique content.
For Ex.: It's like 2 people standing side by side in front of a statue, sea, mountain. Each takes a picture with his camera. The second shot is taken
5 Minutes after the first shot slightly near where the first photographer is standing. It only looks the same, but it wasn't shot with the same camera angle, or the same sky formation, the same fog or debris floating in the air. This exact principle is AA VFX's unique individual content creation-
It looks the same, but 100% safe to use with any copyrights bot detection system for monetization or other monitoring needs.

 What is: RE-Rendering ? #ReMake

Once you've agreed to the purchase, the re-making of the animation will begin. It could take hours to render a single animation, but it's much
much better to wait for your unique file then to purchase an already made animation from a popular background site. Why? because in this Unique Content Creation process you're receiving a clean 'Copyright Issues Free' material that you can use without worrying about copyrighted material.  
New online policies dictates the re-use of original material on social media websites, like: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, ETC.
Using pre-made content isn't suitable for production companies or MCNs under the 501 international law for copyright infringement
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