The 3D Quantum Graphic Generator Method - #3DQGGM
The World of Geometry

Inside the world of geometry lies the hidden truth of our world, the magic of creation in all its' beauty.
While hard to accept, it is already known to many scientists that our reality can be explained by
Mathematics, physics and the realm of quantum research is just making the first footsteps towards
understanding the most complicated questions that had never been answered until today.

You might wonder about the truth of the "3D QGGM" research, and why it hasn't been yet verified by known
Scientists or by any governmental institute. This is because anyone who came in contact with the truth of our
own self, got freaked out, in safer terminology, and his vision of the world got changed.

There can't be a smooth transition in the verification of the "3D QGGM" to the public, unless it will made
step by step with examples, lectures and enlightenment of the mind and soul as a whole.

For starts, one must accept the fact that everything he sees in his normal daily routine in nature,
is actually symmetrical, mathematical everywhere, and designed as a work of art in a state matter,
and that even his body isn't only a perfect mixtures of geometric formations but a marvelous machine 
that enables us to be a part of this amazing reality that surrounds us in all it's power and mystery.

It's true - It's a mystery. 
One that was never meant to be cracked and fully understood by its' creators - or was it?

If a creator wanted us to find the hidden truth about the world - then he had to create us in his own image,
his own spirit, his own mind, as written in the bible:

Genesis 1:27

27 So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.

He did - he wanted us to be able to create the way he created us, or at least be able to understand it.

Scattered 3D vectors
Realizing and accepting this, is a crucial step in understand that it is possible for mankind to reach a point
where the could map the entire universe or our realm or being in a way that can be read as a map,
as we already did with matter in the periodic table of elements.

What if textures of metal, wood, sea, sand, dust, effects of spotlights, sun or shinning ray lights
don't need to be shot in the physical world or be pre-made to be used as a part of a 3D vector
software for mapping 3D models- But can be added as an unlimited generator of textures,
maps and effects , not by pictures, photographs or actual bitmaps but by a master programmable
algorithm as a materialization of the table of elements?

What if the same will apply for 3D models of all known insects, creatures, fish and even humanoid faces
3D leafs, fruits, trees and even living forms? This knowledge could lead us to the simulation of not only
textures or effects of light, but the 3D objects themselves  - all from just one fixed algorithm.

With the '3D QGGM' we could decode all the data that lead to the creation of light and matter and to be able
to use it as an add-on to simulate 3D models and endless effects that resembles 100% to the real-life objects 
or textures and views of the world down to it's particle molecular level, hopefully in a future 3D graphical software.

The following example shows vectors that are controlled as a whole by a recursion fractal method:

Recursion fractal model
Although it looks very random, is it actually one form, in a set of fixed logical functions that
can be extracted to a stable equation.

The difficult in accepting the phase between visual simple geometry to real life look-alike models,
is only one obstacle that must be mastered in understanding the true nature of the "3D QGGM" research.

The next level is acknowledging the fact of frequencies, as waveforms of a music track that we hear
on the radio, as a piano chord, as a bird sound ETC. This is a simple fact that we had all seen before.
We know that waves are the means of recording audio on a computer, and we can even see them
in popular media players as the play the audio file.

Combining condensity with frequency of polygons can lead to pretty impressive visuals, but added
with a method of injecting a spectrum color into the whole model can map the layers of the final form.

The following example shows polygons, frequency and spectrum injection to a single 3D QGGM model:
Geometry frequencies in a '3D QGGM' model
With this method, depending on the polygon's order and frequency we are able to form an entire unseen before universe of 3D fractals, that can either be abstract or become something that we recognize from our life.

The following images shows various images that were extracted from one '3D QGGM' model in this way:
The artistic vision of these polygons is endless, in formation, in content, in coloration and in shape.
They can be manipulated to form limitless colorful models, not only abstract, but as you can see above,
even wood texture look alike structures that resembles a photograph of one, and that's just
the tip of the iceberg of what can be done with these kind of 3D geometry manipulation.

More advanced example can be view on AA VFX's Fan Page on Facebook.

Here is one animated example from the upper triangulation session.
The world of 3D computer fractal geometry have been researched by scientists for the last decades,
and is a hot topic for today's study. News and shows can be found here:

The difference between the '3D QGGM' and a fractal software is that it combines one practice to visualize 
an entire universe of models, animations and shapes combined with a new notion that was never before
addressed on a particle quantum level applying simulated light and matter fractals inside a 3D vector software.

The thousands of extracted pictures from the '3D QGGM' speaks for their own, as they show us 
a full range of visual elements in an indisputable way that leads to one crucial conclusion: 
The algorithm of creation itself has been exposed, not by chance, but by choice.
It has picked a way to be shown to everyone, by means of technology.

The future of understanding our nature, of our reality is yet to be fully explored and one can only imagine
what path it holds for us in the distance.

Watch more about this triangulation method on my online interview with
Douglas Hamp.

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