'AA-VFX' answers your most F.A.Q:
What are the 'Terms of Use' for AA VFX's animations?
Go to THIS page and read about what you CAN DO & what you CAN'T DO with 'AA-VFX'.

What is the credit line I need to add when your art is being used by myself?
If you've read the terms it is written there as follows:
Background animation by:  AA-VFX , https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCilPIl-SwFbtsoH8WLnvlfA 
This could be changed a bit for your needs like: 'Additional Animations:', 'Special Effects by:',
but the most important thing is that the channel will be named and a hyperlink will be added.

I'm a pupil, student, have a private channel or just started a channel.
Can I use your clips?  What is 'Fair Use' Usage? 

'Fair Use' usage means that your distribution scale is small, and you're not a commercial entity.
If that's the case, and you're a private person who intent not to sell or build your enterprise
or exploit the animations in a wrong way, and you control your channel -
Then you're OK for using my art online, with credit+hyperlink.

What is the difference between 'Fair Use' and 'Commercial Use'?
If you're doing a clip for church for ex. for the welfare of your community, then it's called: 'Fair Use.'.
If you've got a private channel on YouTube without content ID activated, or a private social media channel
which are usually channels that runs by one person and are not connected to any commercial entity
or under a contact or belongs to any business label whatsoever or an MCN- then it's 'Fair Use'.
Using AA VFX's art with 'Fair Use' limitation can be allowed only by attaching a proper credit and a hyperlink to AA VFX's YouTube Channel.
COMMERCIAL USE?  Creating a project to sell on Amazon for Ex. or doing a paid job to another costumer,
like a 3rd party company, building websites, publishing it on 3rd portals, TV shows etc. is called: commercial use
and in this case you'll have to purchase my art for your specific distribution scale and use.

Are these animations original or copyrighted?
YES. All AA VFX's animations were created from scratch and were designed to be unique and
not to be extracted from already made scenes, that are also known as: Templates, in software like: AE & Blender. 
AA VFX is using a clean 3D environment to create the designs.
So... yes, they are copyrighted, becuase every original creation is by default, as perceived in its' legal meaning.

I'm using a 3rd party services for maintaining copyrights on my website/channel...
If you're using any kind of external services other than holding a private channel and managing your
own uploads, and you're using a 3rd company to maintain your copyrights over social media portals,
then using AA VFX's material is prohibited and will consider a copyright violation. 
You must contact AA VFX's for commercial use clip re-creation orders.

I would like to use your animation on my website...
You could embed the original video's link as a background to your website,
and in this manner this would not violate any of my copyrights, even for a commercial use.
A credit and a hyperlink to AA VFX's channel should be added in the webpage as well.

I just need a still out of your animation for my Facebook / Twitter...
Well, it's actually not so different then using a copyrighted animation without permission,
but if you use it for private social needs, and not for a professional enterprise, it's 
equivalent to a 'Fair Use' usage, but you'll need to add a credit of AA VFX to the post.

I'm a part of a paid project done by a large production company...
AA VFX tries to help online users for 'Fair Use' usage or to students that have no budget
to complete their final projects. But if you're a part of a paid commercial worldwide
distributed project Please contact AA VFX for a signed agreement before any use. 

I'm signed up with a Multi Channel YouTube Network (MCN) - Can I use your reday-made online art?
NO. The terms of use for AA VFX's online animations comes to help small YouTubers, and even large ones,
as long as they add a credit and a hyperlink on their video description, and can control their uploads.
The only problem with using AA VFX's animations is that once you've signed up a contract
with a Multi Channel Network provider, such as Broadband TV & Vevo for example.
They use your video with a special program called: Youtube ID content claim system,
which can harm channels that have duplicated their material because they assume
a video that is uploaded to one of these networks - must be an original, and therefore, 
AA VFX prohibits to use them to the benefit of these MCN.

I'm a MCN contractee, but I want to use your art. What can I do?
Kindly don't use AA-vfx's showcase to avoid any copyright issue.

What can't I do with AA VFX's art in the 'Fair Use' limits?
You can't use AA VFX's art without adding a credit and a hyperlink attached to your work.
You can't use it in context of illegal manners​​​​​​​, or build an enterprise exploiting AA VFX's original footage.
You can't make a personal compilation of AA VFX's original art with more than 10 different animations in one clip.
You can't distribute AA VFX's art on a 3rd party wallpaper or background portals.

Why should I DONATE?
Dear Subscribers, AA VFX is a free online Youtube channel that offers you FULL Viewable content for FREE.
Maintaining my work stations, including hardware and software, cost a considerable amount of money.
On top of that the time spent on designing them is consuming lots of working hours that comes instead
of my ability to support my family (Wife + 2 children). So, therefore for me to be able to render so many

animations for your pleasure, in 4K and many in 8K resolution (That takes a full day to render each)
and to keep it FREE- I'll need your support in sharing, commenting on my channel, spreading my art
and a hyperlink to AA VFX in forums, websites and in video productions which my art is used on.
You can DONATE in different ways of payment with a secure Paypal transfer. ​​​​​​​
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