The 3D Quantum Graphic Generator Method - #3DQGGM
The 3D Quantum Graphic Generator Method ('3D QGGM') is a 3D vector technique that simulates light in condensed matter computer structures and is a unique form of computer art for 'AA VFX', that has never before seen or used in this specific way, enabling the user to harness nature's power. This method has brought AAvfx to understand how to extract an entire 3D visual world from triangulating 3D condensed polygons structures , that are simulating the behavior of atomic particles  in nature.

This exploration of
geometry structures as a part of AAvfx 's 3D creation has lead him to find hidden forms that were kept and buried deep inside basic complex shapes , as if they were encoded in a unique secret process that was used either by evolutionary progress , by divine creator, or as the research data will proove to any future researchers:  a supreme creation method that can simulates the evolutionary process itself as a means of development for all natural processes- by thus combining the illusion of evolution into a creative realistic physical world.

The conclusion is revolutionary - A new way of creation on an atomic level that can help mankind ​​​​​​​understand how everything was thought of and created from the beginning of time by creating an entire 3D graphical  universe of real life look-alike models and beyond from triangulating 3D particle formations alone, that are based on the same premise of geometric starting point. In one line, absurdly as it will sound: The code for the universe.

The Creation Process
Creating with the '3D QGGM' is very much like a journey into the world of chaotic order, light and density of vectors and can bring to life the most 3D complex models from nothing but an enclosed particles environment
in conjunction with polygons that are based and influenced by the following parameters - 
Light Source, Particle order, Vector Density, Vector Frequency and Spectrum offset.
The Triangulation Process
The process involves a combination between advanced geometry and a recursion fractal method, but
that is only the easy part. Finding coherent formations that actually mean something or resemble to 
known figures, objects, life forms or trees and plants requires the creator to seek for the right
graphical frequency, density and the exact order inside a massive particle cluster.

Speaking in simple terms - It's like finding the correct radio channel on the scale bar on an analog radio -
The channel is there, but you'll need to know it's frequency. If you don't, then scratching through the scale bar 
will be a good way to try and find something - The same principle goes with triangulating '3D QGGM' models.
 '3D QGGM' Spectrum Triangulation Process
The Quantum Factor
The enormous particles or polygons involved in each '3D QGGM' image is the main aspect of its' importance.
While trying to bring order inside the 'white noise' of 'chaos', you'll be exposed to endless formations that makes
no sense to the ordinary spectator- But this is where the magic is surfacing. While the particles overlap one
another the condensation is creating harmonies and waves that mimics the behavior of atoms as shown in
experiments in quantum physics field, in distribution, vector, pressure, temperature, electromagnetic & beyond.
From that moment on the road is clear - you've found the right key to open the secret door of creation-
The polygons' frequencies are forming images of endless shapes, textures or self designed 3D models.
The Quantum factor continues on harmonies in 3D geometric models that are subjected to color injection.
AAvfx is highlighting these models with the entire spectrum of colors in order to differentiate between
 the hidden possibilities that awaits to be revealed in a complete world of atomic wonder.
AAvfx calls this method: '3D QGGM' spectrum triangulations, and you can see the results in dozens
of designs already published online - on AA VFX's Youtube Channel and the Facebook Fan Page.
Here is a Facebook album example called: 'Welcome to Quantum Art'

The recursion fractals inside the 3D models creates layers of dense colors that are influenced by
a light source, thus enabling the viewer to cut thorough the outside surface of the models and study
the internal composition of the condensed shape.
 '3D QGGM' Spectrum Triangulation Examples
Haromines in 3D models
While images of particles that only looks like something scientific or artistically neat could be enough
for some - the '3D QGGM' doesn't stop there- It goes way beyond anything we had known or dreamt before,
to find the entire hidden codes of nature from the inside out and even to map the universe from atmospheric
and natural occurrences to nebulas, galaxies, star formations up to precise constellations.
This is in fact quite reasonable, after all - nature is based on laws, so why shouldn't everything else?
Subatomic simulation
Using the '3D QGGM' AAvfx is able to prove his findings on a simulated atomic level, that creates
the images he presents with a closer view on what the are made of - Computer generated particles.
Depending on the particles' structure and subjected light on the so-called atoms, that are presented
by small dots, they form the visual photons on the computer screen.

As a result of this unique technique, the 3D models are automatically generated in what looks to be
photo-realistic core-structure compositions, that were visually available by theories alone.
Realistic '3D-QGGM' atom core look-alike image from AA VFX's album, 'Exploring The Nucleus'
In order to simplify the explanation of the geoemtry that lies behind these photos, and for say,
or any '3D QGGM' model, that is based on a multi-layer condensed polygons, comes the
next animation that is called: "Multi-Layer Core-Element".
Micro Particles
An artistic technique based on the subatomic particles that AAvfx has established additionally is called: 
Micro Particles - Millions of small CGI particles hosting a fractal 3D model. The ability to use so 
many particles on the screen in an ordered contained space, creates detalied interesting results.
The next video will be a big leap in acknowledging the potential that is available with a 3D quantum model.
While the examples that you've seen above only look remotely or reminds you something you know,
these 3D environmental shapes will be more familiar to you, as atmospheric conditions, or even a realistic sunrise,
as shown in the 'Particle Sea Sunrise' animated background.
Real Life Look-Alike
The overwhelming fact that has surfaced from the 3D QGGM's triangulations had brought forward hard
evidence that supports AAvfx's claims of acquiring the most ancient form of creation ever thought of,
showing a new form of art for the next generation that is based of frequencies, light and particles.
On one hand scraching for the right shape could lead to a butterfly, but with a slight change it can
form a humanoid face - by thus connecting all creation on Earth to one singular solution, as shown 
in this short animation, 'Chaotic Face Morphing - Animated Solution'.
Candle light look alike quantum model
An ancient look-alike quantum symbol
Veins look alike formation inside a '3D QGGM' core element, from AA VFX's album
An internal organ look alike quantum model
Historical symbols, languages and artifacts
Another amazing fact about the '3D QGGM' is that every known symbol or artifact in the history of mankind 
can be extracted with the triangulation process, from Egyptian mythology, Hindu to Christianity & Jewish religion.
Even complex hand-written letters can be found with the help of vortex geometry manipulations.
Spectrum Formations
The main concept of the '3D QGGM' is applying the entire spectrum colors to differentiate between the possibilities hidden
inside the vast complexity of the geometric model, and by changing the ratios of the light - your result will differ.
'3D QGGM' Spectrum Formations
Yin and Yang Symbol look-alike spectrum '3D QGGM'
Documentary Film
In addition to the on going research, a future project that is on the table and need donations to be executed is the
documentary film AAvfx is planning on publishing on the 3D QGGM called:  "The Quantum Effect" (Click link for more info)
Vegetables formations from the documentary project : "The Quantum Effect"
Geometric Texturing
The '3D QGGM' can also be used on a cell level to manipulate model texturing and to create individual and unique feel to each and
every generated model inside a 3D real-time environment like enriching gaming experience by applying unlimited textures to your
landscape. For ex: unlimited individual patterns to each rock, leaf, stone, wood and other objects inside the game.
Watch more examples on the "Geometric Particle Textures" Facebook gallery.
Book look-alike wave formations
The '3D QGGM' holds inside itself the entire raster of elements that can be created by humans, like an inventory of inventions that encapsulated
inside the heart of reality's programming from simple elements to the products of the future, exactly like a video game.
In the next examples you could see how a graphical wave-based objects can resemble a man-made object, we like to call "BOOKS":
The Future Rainbow Kingdom-
Album No. 1
Album No. 2

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