Animated Compilations
Commercial Use
'AA VFX's animations are sitting on YouTube's server and are compressed in MP4 format, usually not in their best quality, becuase of Google's recompression method.​​​​ A much higher quality & compression in 4K & 8K can be ordered.

YouTube small users like these can use AA VFX's animations for full monetization under the 'Fair Use' description as long as you add an AA VFX's Hyperlink + credit attached to your work. More Info HERE.

Full commercial use for organisations or other bussinesses will require a unique file rendering in order to use it online to avoid any copyright violation by your side. Production comapines are obligated to order
re-rendered animations and not to re-publish any animation from
the online showcase shown on AA VFX's YouTube Channel.
Please note that MCN users that don't control their Youtube channel's content can't use AA VFX's
animations without an arrangement between AA VFX and the channel's manager because of a
3rd party holder on their clips. Usually these companies activate an ID search for duplicate content
on the net that causes copyright issues and banned clips resulting in blocked online videos.

If you would like to use AA VFX's animations for a full commercial distribution is will be wised
contact AA VFX and purchase re-rendered animation scenes for your production
Using AA VFX's online showcase isn't suitable for production companies or MCNs under the 501 international law for copyright infringement
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