What are the 'Terms of Use' for AA VFX's animations?
Go to this page and read carefully,

Are these animations original?
All AA VFX's animations were created from scratch by Amitai Angor, and were designed to be unique and
not to be extracted from alreay made scenes, that are also known as: Templates, in software like: AE & Blender. 
Amitai Angor, the sole artist of AA VFX, is using a clean 3D enviroment, with any plugins, to create his designs.

Why should i donate?
Dear Subscribers, AA VFX is a free online Youtube channel that offers you FULL Viewable content for FREE.
Maintaining my work stations, including harware and software, cost a considerable amount of money.
On top of that the time spent on designing them is consuming lots of working hours that comes instead
of my ability to support my family (Wife + 2 children). So, therefore for me to be able to render so many

animations for your pleasure, in 4K and many in 8K resolution (That takes a full day to render each)
and to keep it FREE- I'll need your support in sharing, commenting on my channel, spreading my art
and a hyperlink to AA VFX in forums, websites and in video productions which my art is used on.
You can DOANTE in different ways of payment with a secure Paypal transfer. 

How do i download the animations from Youtube?
You can use this online service:
or you could install a downloader software such as YTD. Most services download a Mp4 format files,
but it can differ from the original uploaded file, in size, clarity and quality, as Youtube tends to squeeze
the source uploaded file to a minimum file size in order to stream it online. That's why some users
prefer to order a higher version directly by ordering a recreation of the art.
Remember to read the 'Terms of Use' before publishing AA VFX's animations online.

I just need a still out of your animation for my Facebook / Twitter...
Well, it's actually not so different then using a copyrighted animation without permission,
but if you use it for private social needs, and not for a professional enterprise, it's 
equivalent to a 'Fair Use' usage, but you'll need to add a credit of AA VFX to the post.​​​​​​​

Where can i buy your images for commerical distribution?
Please check out the Shutterstock portfolio- HERE

What is the '3D QGGM', but make it short...
This is a logical 3D geometric method I'm using that combines the exploration of
3D fractal objects, inside and out, filled with a recursion CG particle duplicated patterns.   
Surprisingly, changing the particle order in this mist of endless graphical possibilities- 
is enough to form an entire range of objects and instant designs that even matches 
our reality, from precise known constellations order to 3D fruits and humanoid faces,
without ant need to model them - They pop up when tuned into the right frequency.

I'm signed up with a Multi Channel Youtube Network- Can i use your art?
The terms of use for AA VFX's online animations comes to help small Youtubers, and even large ones,
as long as they add a credit and a hyperlink on their video desciption.
The only problem with using AA VFX's animations is that once you've signed up a contact
with a Multi Channel Network provider, such as Broadband TV & Vevo for example.
They use your video with a speical program called: Youtube ID content claim system,
which can harm channels that have duplicated their material becuase they assume
a video that is uploaded to one of these networks - must be an original, and therefore, 
AA VFX prohibites to use them to the benefit of these MCN.

I'm a MCN contractee, but i want to use your art. What can i do?
If you are a contractee you can ORDER a special video that is based on my already made artworks,
that appear on my channel, and i will make a new 3D scene for your exclusive use that has the
same concept as the one you've cohsen, but slightly different, so the ID content system will not be activated.
A fair fee for recreating the scene will be considered as a donation for AA VFX.

If i order an animation, can i use it online?
If you order a unique file for your request, then you've got a whole new 3D scene were you
could decide where to and how to use it, without any issues to be detected by Youtube's
ID Content System, that might trigger a blocked video, or by any other platform.

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22/06/17 23:14
Author: NA
Please check you mailbox
Love your channel  
10/06/17 18:57
Author: Dingo
Great, just be sure to add credit and hyperlink to AA VFX on your uploaded file's description  
08/06/17 23:25
Author: AA VFX
I might use this for a music video i'm editing. keep up the good work  
08/06/17 20:14
Author: underscore
Josh, please read the terms of use  
07/06/17 15:44
Author: AA VFX
Can i use your animation for a music video?  
07/06/17 15:43
Author: Josh
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