Latest News: 03.07.19- it's 150K Subscribers celebration - Congrats! *** 05.06.19- AAvfx dominates the YouTube search engine for motion backgrounds *** 21.05.19- It's a boy! 90 Million views in total for AAvfx *** 16.03.19- Unique Individual Content Creation- For commercial companies - Explained at 'BUY-VFX' *** 14.03.19- Original HitFilm Pro Templates for sale - Contact for a price quote ***01.01.19- A new compilation for a new year is uploaded *** 16.12.18- A new tutorial brings an alternative creative way for 3D modeling *** 6.11.18- Article 13 is changing the world for the better of original content creators *** 5.10.18- AA VFX is celebrating 5 years of creation with almost 3000 online clips *** 10.9.2018- New playlists added , including Green, Red, Purple and Rainbow motion backgrounds collection *** 8.8.2018- 100,000+ Subscribers on YouTube *** 30.07.18- AA VFX visited Google's HQ to attend the YouTube's Creator Day - more info on the news tab *** 20.07.18- A new playlist added: Green colored moving backgrounds *** 01.07.18- It's official - 'AA VFX' is the most viewed and subscribed channel for motion backgrounds on Earth! Going for 100,000 subs with over 60 million views in total *** 08.06.18- Over one million views for a blue moving background! Watch the playlist on the blue colored playlist *** 19.05.18- Several Mandelbrot Set zoom animations uploaded lately *** 28.04.18- New fractal animation, link on the NEWS tab *** 15.04.18- More advanced particle animations now on AA VFX *** 22.03.18- AA VFX is continuing a daily moving background uploads and calling its' supporters to watch, share and subscribe! *** 12.03.18- HITFILM PRO Tutorials on AA VFX - Create, edit motion backgrounds and visual effects *** 12.02.18- New and fresh 30:00 - 60:00 Minutes long animations in HD & 4K are now available on #AAVFX 01.02.18- 360 VR Animations on #AAVFX *** 20.01.18 - New age for 'AA VFX' with more advanced online FREE 3D animations *** 23.12.17 Marry Christmas! Holiday backgrounds are online and more to come... *** 19.11.2017 - The documentary film production of 'AA VFX' about quantum animation has started *** 01.10.2017 - AA VFX celebrates 4 years of creation on YouTube *** 07.09.17- 50 Million views for AA VFX *** 22.08.17 - 70,000 Subscribers for AA VFX! Congrats! *** 16.8.17- New 4K Upload- Green Tunnel Grid Tour *** 12.8.17- Website Updated *** 15.7.17 - AA VFX's effects were selected to appear in the Hollywood movie "Act of Vengeance (2017)" *** 12.7.17- More new uploads to AA VFX *** 24.06.17- More 8K animations are added to the YouTube channel *** 19.06.17 - New 8K 60fps animation on YouTube *** 14.06.17- New uploads to YouTube and Shuterstock *** 11.06.17- 1 Hour animation , 60fps, Full HD - A new upload on AA VFX. *** 09.06.17 - New designs were uploaded to the Shutterstock Portfolio , and a new particle based geometric mist animation was uploaded to the YouTube channel. *** 08.06.17- New stars array animation was uploaded to YouTube channel called: Full of stars. *** 07.06.17- new animation of a sparkling notebook image was uploaded to YouTube. *** 05.06.17- A new requested animation was uploaded to YouTube called: Black particles. *** 04.06.17- Quantum light formation animated manipulation was uploaded to YouTube named: Rainbow swing
 ​​​​​​​Welcome to Amitai Angor's, VFX artist, Official website - Creator of 'AA VFX',  a motion backgrounds channel on YouTube, the most viewed and subscribed ​​​​​​​in that field. Angor has more than 15 years experience in the professional local industry, working with local largest studios on dozens of softwares like:Adobe, Autodesk, Blender, Fusion and is a Producer of Theatrical trailers, TV Spots, Behind the scenes movies and music videos.​​​​​​​ 
 'AA VFX' - 8K / 4K Motion Backgrounds
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 '3D QGGM' - The '3D Quantum Graphic Generator Method' 
Angor is using a one of a kind creation process to bring new age animation to life.
This geometric-fractal conjoined art is simulating particle formations to mimic atoms behaviour.
"The '3D QGGM' method is based on light and condensed matter computer simulation..."
 The Quantum Effect- Documentary Film
Read about an ongoing work in progress documentary film project.
'The Quantum Effect' is an Upcoming documentary release in progress on a chaotic particle research
by Amitai Angor, showing the connection between the Chaos theory and Quantum mechanics...
 Geometry World- A Short Article
Our world is clearly based on geometry. Read this article do dive into the magic of creation.
"Inside the world of geometry lies the hidden truth of our world, the magic of creation in all its' beauty...."
 Crafting Nature - A Short Article
Read an article about Fruits and vegetables look-alike '3D QGGM's findings made by Amitai Angor
"...How can an environment of visuals can be created, without visual needs, or basic forms to begin with?..."
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