Amitai angor
20 Years in the world of video editing and compositing

About Myself

I was born in 1975, Israel.

From childhood, I was close to art that celebrated around me in a family of artists and creators, and chose the digital media when I was 8 years old, in ASCII animations, logos, game design and digital paintings on the Commodore 64 platform and early PC's, and was involved in the first digital projects that were available at that time.

As this kid that grew in the 80's, the golden times of the digital revolution, where every home  could suddenly afford a personal computer, i was a self thought learner,  and experienced  programming, design and animation in their first steps, joining the C=64 scene. (20 Years later I've even found my C=64 works online by surprise on the scene database)

As a teenager, 17,  I was interviewed several times on the first 90's national computer TV program named "Zombit", and my works were aired in classic animations, intros and 3D Effects based on Autodesk's 3D Studio, and Denim's illuminate paint software, that prepared me to well to my
current position and understanding of the 3D world of art.

After building my own first professional workstation, at age of 21, I've started the first steps  at the world of Video Editing with Adobe's products, equipped with my first  camcorder.

My works were based on topics that surrounded nature, love and world peace. After graduating "Digital Media" on "Camera Obscura" art school in 2000, in Tel Aviv,  I got my first professional work at the biggest cabel company in Israel, "HOT" , creating TV promotions,  TV spots, theatrical trailers and documentaries for the next years, (later on in "Globus-United" company, the biggest movie film distributor in Israel for local
and international film production) and from that moment on I've never stopped creating and searching new ways of creation in 3D animation and compositing softwares, such as 3D Studio Max, Combustion, AE, Blender, Fusion. (These works are copyrighted -can't be displayed here)
On 2013, I've started 'AA VFX' publishing online animations of my original works as a  part of my progress and interest in the world
of frame design, 3D elements and VFX. That road was very surprising, as I've stumbled upon a great discovery that lead me to understand
how our world was designed from the beggining of time, and that exploration and research gave birth to a method of mine that I call the "3D QGGM",
​​​​​​​which i explain further on this website, and could be designated to be used with any 3D software.

Future plans involves the expansion of this particle research - to learn more about the infinite possibilities that are available through
the '3D QGGM' quantum simulation method.

I hope you've enjoyed reading,
Amitai Angor.
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