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'AA-VFX' Motion Backgrounds-
Warning! People with epilepsy are advised not to view AA VFX's animations
'AA VFX' provides 4K/8K Hi-Quality VFX Services  for Private and Commercial needs
What is 'AA VFX', and what it was meant to be?

"I love creating digital art, and upload it to the net- I have a gift and I would like to share it with you- Across oceans, across platforms, across languages, across beliefs, out of free love.  AA VFX is not a company,isn't a way of profit, isn't not made for business, It is a way of life for helping friends, and that how it was born. I've created AA VFX, out of the need to survive as an artist that demands his artworks to become real and to watch his vision spread everywhere without any boundaries or obstacles All I want is that my name will be carried with my soul, with my art. On the run, 'AA VFX' has turned into a way of me searching and exploring the world of art, of how people perceive beauty of colors, of frame properties and proportions."
 Amitai Angor
AA-VFX - "Watch The Future"
Do not use 'AA VFX' if you are signed under a contract with an external partnership, like: MCN
Do not upload my animations to another source on the web, as my source original file
Do not use my animations without credit to 'AA VFX' +Attach Hyperlink to my Channel
             For ex.:  'Background animation by:  AA VFX , Amitai Angor ,
Do not use AA VFX's Animations in a way that can harm 'AA VFX'
Do not use 'AA VFX' if you've activated YouTube's content ID system
Do not use my files to create a duplicate outside animation database source
Do not present my works as your own original creation
Do not use my art for other Motion Background YouTube Channels

Do not upload my animations in their original form
Do not post my art on collective background platforms
Do not post my art on wallpaper commercial platfroms 
Do not use my art inside 3rd-party game platforms

Do not make as is compilations of my clips 
Do not sell my clips to a 3rd-party costumer
*Dear people, there are viewers among you who are uploading my art to Youtube in their original form,creating duplicate content. Youtube finds them and lets me choose if to remove your video or not. Please don't upload them
'as is', to avoid any copyright infringement by your side. This could lead to
closing your channel and even end in a court of law. You've been advised.
Use my art for what it is meant to be-
as a tool for helping video editors to find high-end animations and effects for private productions as backgrounds for your original material, as transitions or matte keyed for your filmed footage.
And remember... 'AA VFX' is simply my name -
Amitai Angor

Watch 'AA VFX' integrated with a simple credit line into numerous clips on Vimeo
Please note that MCN users that don't control their Youtube channel's content can't use AA VFX's
animations without an arrangement between AA VFX and the channel's manager because of a
3rd party holder on their clips. Usually these companies activate an ID search for duplicate content
on the net that causes copyright issues and banned clips resulting in blocked online videos.

If you would like to use AA VFX's animations for a full commercial distribution is will be wised
to contact AA VFX and to notify of that intention, to prevent future ID content issues.
'AA VFX' is here to make a statement that art is the
closest thing to the circle of life. I will use my time
 to explore new forms of artistic expression and 
will try to bring a new perspective of graphic elements 
and fresh new age animations based on mathematics 
and geometric forms -
 Amitai Angor
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