Amitai Angor - Digital Artist

Quantum Animation Project, Video editing, Compositing and Special Effects

Welcome to Amitai Angor's, VFX artist, Official website - Creator of 'AA VFX', 
a motion backgrounds channel on Youtube, the most viewed and subscribed in that field.
Angor is Active from the year 2000 in the professional local industry, working with local
largest studios on
dozens of softwares like: Adobe, Autodesk, Blender, Fusion and is a
Producer of Theatrical trailers, TV Spots, Behind the scenes movies and music videos.
3D QGGM Gallery
3D Quantum Animation
Motion Backgrounds
Condensed 3D Particle Model, AA VFX
'AA VFX' - 8K / 4K Motion Backgrounds
Angor is a 3D/2D digital artist of a unique form of creation.
based on his research, he combines advanced geometry with particle manipulation
to form new age animations published on his channel 'AA VFX' on Youtube.

'My name is Amitai Angor and I'm a video artist with about 20 years experience
in video editing, post productions, 2D and 3D animations and graphic design....'

'3D QGGM' - The '3D Quantum Graphic Generator Method' 
Angor is using a one of a kind creation process to bring new age animation to life.
This geometric-fractal conjoined art is simulating particle formations to mimic atoms behaviour.

"The '3D QGGM' method is based on light and condensed matter computer simulation..."
3D QGGM Spectrum Model, Fractal Art

Crafting Nature - A Short Article
Fruits and vegetables look-alike '3D QGGM's findings.
"...How can an environment of visuals can be created, without visual needs, or basic forms to begin with?..."

Geometry World- A Short Article
"Inside the world of geometry lies the hidden truth of our world, the magic of creation in all its' beauty...."
The Quantum Effect- Documentary Trailer
"'The Quantum Effect' is an Upcoming documentary release on a chaotic particle research
by Amitai Angor, showing the connection between the Chaos theory and Quantum mechanics..."


Biography - Learn more about Amitai Angor
"From childhood, I was close to art that celebrated around me in a family of artists
and creators, and chose the digital media when I was 8 years old, in ASCII animations..."


Enormous time is spent on creating these animations and researching time, bringing them online.
I don't have resources to continue this on my own, as I don't sell these pictures, or offer them to sale-
My work is completely free for viewing available on my Youtube channel and Facebook videos.
Be kind and consider 
donating for the continuance of my work. It will be very much appreciated.
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