Amitai Angor - Digital Artist

 Welcome to Amitai Angor's
Official website
VFX Artist
Creator of 'AA VFX'
Active from the year 2000 in the professional local industry
Working with local largest studios on dozens of softwares
Adobe, Autodesk, Blender, Fusion
Producer of Theatrical trailers,
TV Spots, Behind the scenes movies, music videos
Video editing, Compositing and Special Effects
3D QGGM Spectrum Model
"Angor is a 3D/2D digital artist of a unique 
form of creation called the '3D QGGM',
'3D Quantum Graphic Generator Method'
based on his research, he combines advanced geometry 
with particle manipulation to form new age animations
published on his channel 'AA VFX' on Youtube
using this special 3D Vector technique."
You're welcome to wonder the website, watch and
learn more about 'AA VFX's special artistic creations

Wood Geometry


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